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Monday, March 25, 2013

Earn Money Easily Via Microworkers


Day by day , the number of Such people is increasing . Which are connected to the internet and  they want to earn some money from the internet . These people are two types . The type number one ,These people are very active and hard working people . This kind of people want to work full time on the internet . These people learn their favorite skills , for example web designing , software development, blogging and writing articles and lots other . They earn a decent amount of money through the internet . The type number 2 ,They do not have enough time for working online . Mostly these are school and college students . And but these people are very fond of earning money from the internet .I have a very decent and suitable idea for the type number 2 . 
The idea is the Microworker . The Microworker is a well known and well established gpt (get paid to) website . The microworker is a place where you can earn extra money by performing some easy task . These tasks are so easy that even a ten years old kid can do it easily .
The ideology of the microworker is pretty simple and straightforward . This idea is exactly same like our daily working or professional life .Where an employer offers a task to a worker . The worker after performing this work , they are able to receive payment from an employer . Let's read these lines . Hopefully and I think that you will  be able to understand better after reading these lines .

What is Microworkers?

Microworkers is an innovative, International online platform that connects Employers and Workers from around the world. Our unique approach guarantee Employers that a task paid is a task successfully done, while at the same time guaranteeing Workers that a job completed is a job paid. Just as its name suggest, the tasks assigned to Workers and paid for by Employers are simple and quick, mostly completed in a few minutes, thus, are called “micro jobs”. These tasks include simple sign-ups, social bookmarking tasks, forum participation, website visits, rating videos or articles, voting up contest entries, adding comments, suggesting leads, creating backlinks, writing reviews or articles, downloading applications and so much more. Joining Microworkers is free, and as an International site, anyone from any country can be a member.
Who are the Employers?
Anyone can be an Employer. If you own an online business, a blog, a contest entry or simply need referrals for your favorite programs, Microworkers is definitely the place to come and have your small tasks assigned to tens of thousands of active Workers who are always ready to complete your job.
Whether you need traffic for your website, comments or a fresh post for your blog, a review for your new product or put your article to the front page of popular bookmarking sites, hiring Workers from our program ensures you affordable, quick and top quality results.
       Who are the Workers?
      Anyone can also be a Worker. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a student who needs extra       spending money, or if you simply love helping others while making some extra cash alongside, this is the place for you. Joining Microworkers as a Worker does not mean you are employed by the site. Instead, you will be working as a freelancer. With that, you can work as much or as little as you want. At the same time, your potential for earning is also limitless since you can accept all the jobs you believe you are capable of completing, and get paid for it.

 You will definitely be thinking that how much can I earn through microworkers ? Now I will discuss that How you can earn money through microworkers ?

Earn via a blog or website on Microworkers .
If you have a Pagerank 4 plus blog or website . So you have a bright opportunity to earn good bucks from microworkers . The employer demands you that you do provide a backlink for employer 's blog via your blog .This is a hottest and the best earning opportunity for you if you have a high ranked blog or website with your own domain name . In this marketplace, subdomain are not acceptable . For instance , , , etc. . You can earn by this method easily 1 to 3 dollars . I think , You can easily understand with these lines . In fact what the ideology is behind it ? It is a job . Which was posted on microworkers today's morning .

What is expected from Workers?

Your blog must be PR4 or higher - No posts on forums or article directories, only blogs. Your blog must have a unique domain. No subdomains (blogspot, wordpress etc.).

1. Go to

to get the Subject, Link and Anchor text for your blog post

2. Write at least 50 word article on the subject matter listed on the above link

3. Include a link to the website listed using the anchor text specified


Paste the link into your browser to find the real URL to use. The link should be inside your article (not before or after it)

4. Post the article on your blog/ website


Your article must be unique and written in English. Should not be copied elsewhere. We will check all articles with copyscape and if article is not unique the job will not be accepted. Please don't combine articles or spin, write unique content yourself. The link should be clickable, dofollow, and placed inside the article. The link must be the anchor word displayed on the page. The post has to appear on the home page of the blog. The blog must be written in English and don't have excessive pop ups or pop unders or any other form of advertising. The blog must not have adult or gambling content (this includes adult pills pharmacies).You may write only one article per URL, no duplicate submissions will be accepted. You also agree to keep the post indefinite time. Do not submit url from the same blog twice.
Earn money through writing  article on microworkers for employers .
As you know that article writing is always a profitable and decent skill . So dear respectable readers , if you have good writing skill then there is another great earning opportunity is available on microworkers for you .Write an article for an employer and earn money . How much we can earn by writing article at microworkers ? Well , It depends on the length of the article . Usually the employer demands you for writing a 300 words article . They will pay to you 60 cents for each 300 words article . Your written Article must be unique and original . Keep in mind , If you have copied from somewhere then definitely the employer will not pay you the money .
Earn money by performing " download and install " on microworkers . 
This is another rocking and easy task of earning money at microworkers . Basically this is a promotional campaign for a software or application . You can earn money easily , Just download a software or application and after that install it on your computer . Usually the rate for this task is 35 cents . Here is an example for all of you .

Other available earning opportunities at the microworkers .
All these tasks which has been mentioned above . All these works are high paying tasks on the microkers .Now I am describing to you some other earning methods which are available for you on the microworkers .

Earn with sign up , 8 to10 cents .

Earn by click , search , 10 to 12 cents .

Earn with bookmarking , 8 to 10 cents .

Earn with Facebook , YouTube likes and twitter jobs , 5 to 10 cents .

And  lots other tasks are waiting for you on the microworkers .

Now I will discuss about the payout . When you reach the minimum payout limit . Then you will be able to get payment from the microworkers . The minimum payout limit is 9 dollars plus fees . Two popular and trusted payment methods are available for getting payment from microworkers . Which are " Payza " and " Moneybookers (Skrill) " . I think Paypal is now disabled at microworkers for payout . Firstly receiving payment  may be difficult . Because this process is like google Adsense payment process . Microworkers will send a pin code at your home address . They will verify your home address . In this process will take 15 to 30 days . So don't need to worry about that . 
In the End 
One advice for all new members of microworkers . Please maintain your success ratio . Because if you do not do so then a big chance to ban your account . All your hard earned earning will be ruined . I admit that it is not enough for your financial needs . But I think it is better than paid to click websites . As you know that mostly these websites are scam and fraud . Hopefully this article will be beneficial for all of you . Be happy and Happy earning . 

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