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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fiverr For You Make Money Quick !!!


When the internet was a new thing . It was very difficult for talented and skilled people to search a job on the internet . Through which they be able to earn some money . An impression was very strong and popular among the internet users that the internet is just for entertainment . Besides of this no use of the internet . If seen in the context of that time situation, this impression was true . Because there was no place available for such people where they could be able to earn money through their skills and talent . But upcoming time has proved that this impression is wrong . Very popular Greek entrepreneurs Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis established the Odesk in 2003 on the internet . This website proved a heaven for skilled people and still this website is very popular among skilled and talented people . No doubt that Odesk and other freelance websites are great marketplace for skilled and talented people . But these websites demands lots of time and higher expertise . Because certain types of jobs there are available on these sites . Sometimes you have to work by joining a team which is very difficult if you have no more time . It means that no chance of earning except web designing and some other jobs . Very popular Israeli internet entrepreneurs Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger felt this shortcoming . They got an idea . That was a brilliant idea .They started a website . The name of this great website is . Fiverr is actually a worldwide online marketplace providing little tasks and services starting at $5 dollars . As indicated in word , Fiverr , Five . You offers your skill or talent on the at 5 dollars . If anyone is interested in your offer and order your gig . If you completed orders on the stipulated time then you get 4 dollars and fiverr takes one dollar . Through this method the Fiverr makes money as well . I will  .... This website is based on these words , for example ,,
I will make a colorful drawing art of you for $5

I will create an amazing zombie cartoon illustration for $5

I will give you my handmade paper animation Christmas greetings video for $5

In the beginning, everyone said that this idea will be a flop . Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger , both were confident about their idea . The last two years have proven that they were right . I Will ..... Actually now these two words have become a money making machine . During an interview along with Yahoo!, Kaufman says, "The awesome idea of Fiverr is basically to build a marketplace where people can start small but take this hobby and make a business out of it...similar to the revolution that eBay brought to products and solutions .
Now situation it is that if you have an awesome and useful talent then definitely you can earn 50 plus dollars easily per day . This will depend that how much you can be hard-working . There are many jobs available . You can make money by doing these jobs . There are lots categories available , which one does suits you , you can easily choose that , and begin earning . I will mention below some popular categories which are very demanding and popular at the Fiverr .

Graphics & Design 

Graphics & Design are evergreen skill or talent . This is highly demanding expertise on the internet . Every blog , website , forum needs graphics . You can make money through making logos for websites , ebook covers , banners , headers , and business cards and lots other . This is a awesome earning opportunity on the Fiverr as well . You can say that the Fiverr is a gold mine for graphic designers . Imagine , If you take 10 minutes for making a simple logo then you can make 12 dollars in an hour easily .

Writing & Translation

Content writing is yet another highly demanding expertise . If you have good writing skill then the fiverr is the best place for you . You can earn money by writing articles , translation , proofreading , reviews , speech and press release and lots other .

Programming & Tech 

This section is for creative minded people , if you are a good software developer then the fiverr is suitable place for you . There are lots of programming and technical jobs waiting for you . For example , .Net , C++ , CSS & HTML , Joomla and Drupal , Databases , Java , Javascript , PSD to Html , Wordpress , Ios, Android & Mobile , PHP , QA & Software Testing , Technology etc .

Online Marketing 

You can't even imagine a successful business without marketing . Marketing is a key source to promote your business , blog , website and product  . You can't ignore this factor , Therefore the marketing is also a highly demanding job on internet . Also on Fiverr . Selling Facebook page fans , Twitter followers , YouTube subscribers , Google plus followers etc , These jobs are very popular jobs on the Fiverr . Search engine optimization is always very crucial and important for any website . So if you have good knowledge about search engine optimization then definitely you are able to earn money as a search engine optimization advisor . And moreover lots of other ways of earning are available in this category through which you can make money , like Web Analytics , Article & PR Submission , Blog Mentions , Domain Research , Keywords Research , Social Marketing , Get Traffic and Video Marketing .

In The End 

 In the beginning withdrawal limit was 40$ dollars at the Fiverr . Recently the Fiverr changed the withdrawal limit . Now there is no withdrawal limit on Fiverr and you can request your money anytime . You can get your money through a Paypal account , Paypal is supported payment  method on the fiverr . There is a misconception that the Fiverr is a useless place for those people which belongs to non supported Paypal countries . especially in pakistanis . Because the Payoneer is very smart solution of that problem . You can get your money through Payoneer easily . Well these categories are my all time favorite and definitely highly demanding jobs . I hope this post will be useful for you . Good Luck and Happy Earning

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